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Carmen Velazquez, PhD

Hourly Rate  $ 200.00


Do you worry about employee satisfaction and morale within your company or start-up? Perhaps you have a successful business/restaurant but observe a trend in a decline in customers? I start these two questions because as simplistic as these questions may feel, often the underlying issues are psychosocial factors that go unaddressed. Perhaps you are well aware of these factors but feel overwhelmed on how to tackle an effective change? Consider consulting with me about fears, worries, or simple curiosity about how psychosocial or diversity factors may, or may not, be affecting your business growth. Indirectly, by setting up your business or start-up with my consultation services, you can increase employee satisfaction and retention. Become a new wave of professionals looking to provide global and overall safe and fun work environments while feeling good about your professional business growth.

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  1. Christina Lopriore Hi Carmen! I was trying to get in touch with you and saw that you sent me a message earlier - it looks like's message system is down or something right now. Feel free to send me an e-mail direct through my website and I'd be happy to chat with you regarding your needs. Apr 05, 2017