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Co-founded the Rhapsody Digital Music Service in 1999. Professional Software Developer with 22+ years experience, primarily in Web Development, creation of Internet/Web Applications, REST APIs, Microservices and Distributed Applications. Extensive knowledge in all aspects of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (both client-side & server-side). Experience developing with *ALL* of the major Web App platforms, frameworks, languages, techniques and standards, including Node.js/Express, Meteor, Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, C#/ASP.NET, Java/JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and others. Experience in general Systems Administration, DevOps, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, SaaS, PaaS, and Shared or Dedicated Hosting services. Expert knowledge in the setup and maintenance of Windows, Mac and Linux machines, networks, Ethernet, WiFi, switches, routers, firewalls, and proxies. Electrical Engineer (BSEE, Univ. of Miami, Coral Gables, FL - 1997) with a specialty in applications to Pro Audio, Digital Signal Processing, Audio Engineering, Music Engineering, Audio Effects, Acoustics, Microphones, Loudspeakers, DAWs, etc. Talented writer and copy editor. Talented multi-instrumental musician, songwriter and lyricist.

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  1. John interested to know about your expertise and projects you work on..... Thanks Kris Jul 27, 2017