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I am a general enthusiast especially when it comes to technology, gaming, and beyond!

My IT experiences covers quite a few aspects - networking, data storage, technical support - but it doesn't stop there. I have years of experiencing with computers/hardware, and many more years of Web Design experience. Further, I have also consulted for two clients for their Website design.

Gaming is something that I'm big on too, seeing that a distraction every now and again is nice, and a great reward.

My educational background consists of a Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Software Systems Engineering. Its focus is on the development of software, and traversing through the SDLC of the software. Past that, it also includes project management, project planning, etc. I also possess experience in A+ and basic Networking.

As for Law, I have a few connections with getting people hooked up with lawyers for a discount.

Let me know how I can help and I will be sure to do my best!