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Dave understands gadgets — and technology. A computer professional by day, he knows hardware and software and loves hopping in a new car to push all the buttons. As a boy growing up in Southern California, he was always finding ways to go faster, from making garage go-karts and souped up mopeds, to dropping a long-block into a Chevy pickup or going off-road racing with the American Motorcyclist Association District 37. His love of cars and the automotive industry goes back to visits with his father to the LA Auto Show, George Barris Studios, and the Peterson Automotive Museum. As a younger man, he also worked for Dollar and Avis Rentals and had driven hundreds of vehicles. His day job includes technical writing, and that skill will serve him well when reviewing new cars since nowadays people want to know about the technology even before they learn about mileage and savings.
A fully qualified member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press, blogger, published technical author, and subject matter expert in Technology; having worked for some high-profile companies like Microsoft, Apple, and e-Bay.