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I am a business professional, academic, and entrepreneur with more than 20-years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry. My professional career started in Atlanta, GA at Coca-Cola’s global headquarters. At Caca-Cola I managed a team that specialized in sales and marketing operations managing national projects for more than 125 of Coca-Cola’s top national in a variety of consumer channels such as grocery stores, specialty retail, restaurants, colleges, convenience stores, theme parks, movie theaters, sports stadiums, cruise lines, and airlines.

Since 2006 I have also been working as adjunct faculty in higher education. I've taught more than 40 different courses in business management, operations, project management, marketing, and leadership, and entrepreneurism. While still engaged in academia, I am also working to complete my dissertation for my PhD in Business Administration with a focus on Industrial Organizational Psychology.

Currently I am the founder of Satisfactionist Consulting, an entrepreneurial consulting and professional services company focused on building stronger, happier, and more profitable organizations for my clients by providing services that help organizations improve trust, communication, processes, and routines. I love what I do and I love talking with new and interesting people, so much so I started a podcast called The Satisfactionist Podcast. On my show we talk about the stories behind the success of entrepreneurs, academic professionals, and business leaders.

If you need help or advice feel free to reach out. I am generally available to have a discussion or two for some free advice. If you'd like to talk about longer term help, I am up for that as well.