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I offer scores of areas of expertise, not just the two or three you see in the short listing; so be sure to view my complete profile. I have two decades or more of experience in every one of the categories I've listed above. I'm a life-long learning and so, along the way, you tend to master a few things as well.

My official bio online lists me as "an author, speaker, blogger, mentor, facilitator, people lover, creative force, conversationalist, problem solver, chance taker,noticer and lover of life."

I'm a notorious problem solver and innovator. I'm the guy people come to when they are flat out of ideas and facing the wall with a deadline clock ticking.

My current book, The Best Advice So Far, has garnered endorsements from everyone from a New York Times bestselling author to a Google VP. But my favorite endorsements are by the everyday people who read the book (and blog by the same name) and express that, often for the first time, they are having new realizations that lead to change. This is, in fact, what led me into the wider world of group and corporate facilitation, where interpersonal issues and problem solving happen because I refuse to let people be a total of their roles. I have a way of getting people to talk about difficult things and then accepting new perspectives.

As an author, keynote speaker, facilitator, branding consultant, etc., I've worked with everyone from one-man startups to national organizations and billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies.

Musically, I've played piano all my life. I spent time as a touring recording artist. I've sung for dignitaries on the Great Wall of China. I continue to write, compose, sing and give lessons.

I've also been an educator in just about every capacity imaginable for more than 20 years: public to homeschooling, large group and one-to-one, regular and specialized education, classroom teaching and private services, all ages from birth to adult. I specialize in nonverbal learning disabilities, memory strategies, visualization techniques and innovative lesson planning.

If you have any questions about my background in any area of expertise, of course, just ask.