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Hello! Im Allen, an artist, cook and musician. I trained and taught martial arts for 14 years with Ernie Reyes world martial arts, worked as a professional cook for 11 years with The cheesecake factory, i cook vegan food, though i am omnivorous and also make great barbecue. I Love music of all kinds, especially live. Ive played bass guitar for 15 years. I also play percussion- Irish Bodhran, African Djembe, congas etc. I love and know a lot about animals, I have a Ball Python snake and a white german shepherd dog. I have grown various plants- vegetables, herbs, flowers,cannabis. I know a lot about drugs both recreational and medicinal, herbal and pharmaceutical. i skate longboards, play video games on NES and Playstation, I draw and paint using various media. I take photos and contribute videography to Youtube . I have fired various weapons -pistols, rifles, bows, airguns. I collect swords and knives, dreadlocked my own hair. I enjoy travel and hiking, camping in the woods. i like graphic novels-comics, films particularly horror

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