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I've been in the Graphic and Web Design field for the past dozen years. I have encountered and troubleshot every problem under the sun with the most common and un-common computer programs. I've focused my expertise in the Graphic Design field and have created almost anything imagined for small/large business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate identity packaging, product labeling, website creation, traditional artists, chefs, models, musicians, athletes, holistic healers, transportation prototype creators, families, friends and even tattoo artists. One thing that I have enormous pride for is never having an unsatisfied client. I will give 110% effort into assisting you with your needs and if I do lack any knowledge with your project I will recommend one of my fellow experts from Relayo! I will work within your budget and provide the best service you can afford. Not that I don't like money by any means but the feeling of helping others in all walks of life can be just as rewarding. I wish the best of luck and blessings on your ideas and imaginations.