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Tara is a Los Angeles based actress who has extensive experience in TV Hosting, Live Emcee Events
and Stand Up Comedy. Her alter ego “Trouble” is a Burlesque/Pole Dance performer who you may have seen perform with The Dollface Dames or Tonya Kay’s Pin Up Pole Show. Tara teaches Pole Dance lessons for fun and is passionate about helping women find a healthy body image.
She has extensive knowledge with The Law of Attraction and gives tips to others on how to manifest your dreams and attract all you want in life and also will listen to you and point out how you are holding yourself back without knowing it.

Some of Tara’s recent acting credits include: The Comedy Store, The Red Carpet Show at the Oscars, "The House" starring Will Farrell premiering in 2017 and “Always Talking Back” with Tara Phillips, a one hour talk show on the Tag Channel. Tara’s energy lights up a room, her friendly presence and visually stimulating costumes keeps clients booking her over and over again.
She grew up in Massachusetts and made her way through musical theater school in NYC at the age of 17, after some bumpy years and unexpected challenges life tends to throw at us she found herself where all of the other aspiring actors eventually end up, in HollywoodLand. She has trained at the most elite acting schools in LA, produces, writes and claims she is a better video editor than any of her other talents. For more on Tara, check out