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Over the past 18 years, 10 of which were within a photography studio with Scünci/Conair. For those 10 years, I learned how to balance creativity within a corporate structure and expediency of workflow. I was the lead photo re-toucher for those years and photography back-up to the lead photographer. When I started with them in 1998, I initiated the first digital photography studio and was key in educating the creative team of the workflow and processes of migrating from film to digital. In addition I implemented 3D visualization and a workflow to facilitate a quicker, higher quality of visuals of Point of Purchase displays for the Sales and Marketing team. This on top of being lead color corrector and photo re-toucher in hair and make-up is only to say that I am driven by my intuition to never say die or be satisfied with staying still.
Upon leaving the creative department in 2008 I ventured into the realm of a freelance person in one of the worst economies in current history. Over the next 4 years I gained valuable experience in the areas of 3D and Motion Graphics in the way of diversification.
Building and maintaining a person to person clientele, receiving critiques in stride and not taking no for an answer are some of the traits I learned as a freelancer in a very difficult period in my career. In 2012 I was given an opportunity by an entrepreneur/self starter Richard Freeman, for the purposes of building a business in the area of stereoscopic imagery and animation. Taking a proprietary method from a previous partner, I took it upon myself to backward engineer this method of viewing stereo imagery with the hopes that we could build a business out this method. Within a 4 month period of time, this was accomplished and we moved forward in an attempt in finding a venture capital firm or angle investor to take the chance to bring this unique viewing method to the public.

What I have to offer is a fluency in and expertise in the creative field along with a hunger and passion for 3D and motion graphics and anything creative.
I have since the age of 10 played the saxophone in a classical/jazz setting. Learning to read and play music from a young age has aided me in too many ways to recount, but the one thing I will say is that even though it has been years since I’ve picked up my instrument the love of music especially in the classical sense has never left me. I would welcome the opportunity speak to you about how I may aid in any creative endeavors. I am an expert in the software package of the Adobe Creative Suite and in many 3d software packages and have tutored many people from novice to expert in the use of this software suite.
I appreciate your time and consideration in reading a bit of my history.