I've been exploring various techniques of sculpture for over 40 years, and have worked out ways of making all sorts of things using both traditional and technological methods. I have expertise in casting metals ranging from bronze to gold, in making molds and patterns, stamps and seals. I know how to cut and carve stones and set them in jewelry, how to cast glass in a kiln, make holograms, carve wood and make it into furniture, make picture frames and gold-leaf them, use different formulations of plaster to create art objects, build large structures in concrete and surface them with ceramics, and build gates out of welded steel. I have a degree in design and am a problem-solver who can devise ways of making all sorts of different products efficiently.

I have been a pioneer in the digital sculpture movement, showing my art around the US and various other countries. I use 3D scanners to capture the topology of natural objects, haptic modeling tools to combine and manipulate them, and either 3D printers or CNC (computer-numeric controlled) carving tools to produce them in physical materials like plastics, wood, metals, and vegetable ivory. I have also worked out ways of deriving 3D objects from 2D input, and 2D objects from 3D input. If you need help to make something real, get in touch.

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