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I am originally from California, but now reside in Colorado. I began writing in high school and have both experience writing and editing material for community newspapers, as well as nonprofit organizations. I also have experience proofreading master-level papers for students. I am a blind female, who owns an adorable yellow Labrador guide dog, and together we navigate the world, doing our best to make the voices of all heard, accepted, and respected. My goal is to promote how the differences between us all can make us stronger if we network and lift each other up. I am fluent in English, and read Braille. I use assistive technology and screen readers to access the web and other written material and can accomplish any task you give me. I was raised by a pair of loving parents that taught me I can do anything, and I want to share that mindset with you. Some of my random hobbies include cooking, reading, fitness, browsing Facebook, and shopping. By day, I work as a private childcare provider for families in my area.

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