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I am Dustin Allen. I am a Los Angeles based Photographer and Cinematographer born and raised on the southside of Chicago, IL. I grew up appreciating the work of game-changing filmmakers such as Emmanuel Lubezki and Terry Gilliam. Their ability to immerse viewers in whatever world they could imagine led to my love and pursuit of a career in filmmaking. My love for cinematography was the catalyst for my becoming a photographer. I attended Columbia College and earned a degree in marketing with a concentration in advertising. Though my major was not directly related to photography or film, it did offer a more solid understanding of the relationship between images and the messages they convey. While at Columbia, I took full advantage of the institute's rich history in its photography and film departments and had the opportunity to learn the technical and aesthetic aspects of both. My background shapes my approach as a photographer and my eye as a D.P. I've continued to hone my natural senses as well as further my education on the technical concepts, style innovation, and industry standards so that I too may create vivid and immersive visual experiences.

With a diverse style portfolio covering fashion, wildlife, architecture, and street art, my goal as a photographer is to offer a perspective of often overlooked beauty in our everyday lives. I do this using the Canon EOS 6D MK3 DSLR camera and an array of unique lighting and lens techniques. With the help of my background and education, I've maintained relationships with and am currently working with clients in marketing and advertising industries, in addition to independent artists and fashion designers.

I am always seeking ways to challenge my craft and distinguish my style. I submit my services as a Director of Photography and Editor for your consideration.