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Hello. I am a Ph. D. in English with over 20 years of teaching, Assistant Editor, and online editing experience. I am a certified teacher of English, French, and English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) I have a paralegal certificate and do legal editing. I have had extensive experience teaching business and technical writing classes and editing business and technical materials. For the past fifteen years, I have successfully run my online business Manuscripts Plus, and I am currently seeking new clients. Please see my website at for my resume, letters of reference, writing samples, and fees. I charge $5.00 per page for professionals, $3.00 per page for students, seniors, and military personnel, and $2.00 per page for theses, dissertations, and books. I charge $20.00 for revised resumes and $50.00 for new ones. My fee for instruction via Skype is $30.00 per hour. Manuscripts Plus offers great work at great prices. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Karan Henley Haugh, Ph. D.

NB: I currently have 17 great books on Kindle: LION MOUNTAIN ( Volumes 1-4), “Tulips and Buzzards’ Wings,” “Alone at the Fair,” “Knotty Point,” “Arrival,” “Relations,” “Mon Livre Français Simple: Ecrit Par Mme Henley Pour Ses Fils Charles et Lee,” “Animal Tales,” “River People,” “Two Roads: A Montage,” “No Safe Threshold: An Interview With Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass,” “Yovanka,” and “Articles.”