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Geoff Skigen is a highly creative and strategic Creative Director/Senior Copywriter with a proven track record of crafting compelling stories with measurable results across all media channels. He has 20 years of copywriting experience in both in-house (23andMe, Apple, Yahoo!, Publix) and agency (Motivate, Publicis & Hal Riney, Foote Cone and Belding, OgilvyOne, McCann World Group) environments. He delivers big, unexpected ideas and is a catalyst for innovating opportunities for his clients. He is constantly honing his craft and focusing the brand voice within company parameters. Geoff inspires other creatives to continually raise the bar, while persuading technologists and other departments that original, creative ideas matter. He is collaborative, optimistic and enthusiastic by nature. His flexibility, resourcefulness and tenacity deliver creative work that engages audiences and drives ROI.

If your company needs help building or evolving its brand and any marketing/advertising effort you engage in, I can help you differentiate your business from your competitors with big, smart ideas. I solve marketing challenges with strategic and conceptual thinking that builds a sound foundation you use to connect with your target audiences wherever they live.

I'm media agnostic so I'm not going to push you toward a specific media platform before I examine the evidence/research that demonstrates it is going to deliver optimal results for you. That said, I am about ideas. I don't hide behind manipulative metrics or the latest automated marketing platform. I immerse myself in your world, digest your competitive landscape and create a thoughtful process to approach your specific advertising and marketing needs. No two companies are alike. Neither are the approaches I take. I'm highly collaborative and adapt the process as much as possible around your schedule, budget and preference.

If you need help with what to say, how to express it, where to place your message, how to develop a big idea that works wherever it is placed (web site, app, email, TV spot, print ad, outdoor board, banner ad, landing page, etc.) then let's talk.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation.