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I am having a total experience of 8 years and 2 months in IT Industry and having a expertise in Testing the Virtualization and DAS based Driver/Firmware.

I have been working as Senior Software Engineer with the Technology Leaders like LSI India and VMWare. Being a part of these company got an opportunity to learnt the Virtualization and Flash Based Storage Technology and owned the product test and delivery from the QA Perspective with the good analytical, problem solving and quick learning skills.

My experience captures White Box and Black Box Testing for the various products in Virtualized and DAS environment. It includes Test Enumaration, Ownership of the product quality from the QA, System Test, Stress/Performace Test and Testcase Automation.

I am a Self-motivated, hardworking and Goal oriented person, with a high degree of flexibility, resourcefulness and commitment. A Team Player, able to work comfortably with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences with Outstanding communication and presentation skills.

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