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7 Fundraising Experts

Daniel Dixon

Daniel Dixon

10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 50.00
Views 55    Portland
25y XP - CS | Sales | Fundraising 15y XP - Home Improvement | Remodeling | Carpentry 10y XP - Web Development | Social Media 05y XP - Multimedia Production Menominee/Stockbridge-Munsee Mohican Descendant Neo-Tech Consumer Progenitor
Suzy Karasik

Suzy Karasik

20 Points Hourly Rate  Varies
Views 49   
I LOVE COLD CALLING !! I have enjoyed 5+ careers with 40 years in the workplace including teaching, hotels, event planning, business development, Somatic Therapist, Nutritionist, Personal Mentoring, Elder Care and Counseling. These days I share my k...
Dionna Ellison

Dionna Ellison

Points Hourly Rate  $ 15.00
Views 27   
Organizational consultant, M.B.A. and Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) with two decades of experience driving business excellence and growth. Experienced advisor to nonprofit corporations with a strong track record of success in: * Strategic ...
I'm a recent MBA graduate and a CFA Level 3 candidate currently working in investment banking industry. My firm mainly focuses on raising capital for early stage high growth companies in industries such as healthcare, software, technology, biotec...