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Erik Tyler

Erik Tyler

35 Points Hourly Rate  $ 60.00
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I offer scores of areas of expertise, not just the two or three you see in the short listing; so be sure to view my complete profile. I have two decades or more of experience in every one of the categories I've listed above. I'm a life-long learning ...
Software design and development is my specialty - I've developed firmware, websites (e-commerce and content creation platforms), cloud service platforms, and others using a variety of languages and techniques. Whether you're a startup trying to devel...
Ruchi Kumar

Ruchi Kumar

20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 15.00
Views 27   
My name is Ruchi Kumar and I've been caring for children for the past 10 years. My degree is in Child Learning Development and a minor in music with a focus on infant care and development. I am also a musician. I have been playing piano for almost 20...