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I love languages, when I am teaching it feels like getting to play, and make a game of sharing my knowledge and experience. Not only does this relaxed and familiar approach help my students, but it is also a reflection of how much I really love my wo...
Erik Tyler

Erik Tyler

35 Points Hourly Rate  $ 60.00
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I offer scores of areas of expertise, not just the two or three you see in the short listing; so be sure to view my complete profile. I have two decades or more of experience in every one of the categories I've listed above. I'm a life-long learning ...


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 20.00
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I may look quite young, but looks can be deceiving. I have had quite a roller coaster of a life, which includes bouts of homelessness. One of those bouts went as far as me literally living on the street, in the dead of winter. I have also come throug...
I am a project manager, editor, education consultant, and walking and nature guide currently living in Blackwood, which is a hills suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. My interests range from Community Building and Project Management through to The...