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Hello, My name is Jesse. I'm a very well versed in many topics. You can ask me about anything and chances are, I know quite a bit about it. I've been gifted by God with a rare ability to absorb an
My story is pretty unique. Born into a music family, where my father played for a Rock and Roll legend, I've been a making music for over twenty years. Recently after seeing my parents struggle with
Hello, I have been into web design and development for a while now and I am perfectly able to answer any questions you have on html and css and using frameworks like Bootstrap. I can also help you in
I'm Niki. I've been in the digital marketing world for over 6 years. I would love to help you grow your business with digital marketing. I'm available to consult with you on the best way to get starte
For Reference, refer to my LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-ayittey-27490b28
Marketing used to be about “fitting in” with everyone else. Now, those who stand out and know how to be bold are the ones who are the most successful. You’re essentially "invisible" if customers
Hi I'm Alexander Your Relayo Expert. My work as a business consultant has given me exposure to several verticals. Developing strategy in the areas of organization, operations, branding and marketing
I’m a full-time freelancer with a varied scope of expertise, and possess 4 years professional experience in digital marketing, with particular emphasis on social media (strategy, content creation, f
Seasoned consultant with 10 years of overall marketing experience; gaining much of my talent with several agencies including a Google 3rd party which "Googlers" taught me the in ins & outs of AdWords
I am a Marketing Consultant, Voiceover Artist, Comedian, and Audiobook Narrator with a great deal of experience and advice available for others in those fields. My marketing background includes tradit
I am the owner of Coffin Studios. We are a local company that is building a community of fellow web developers and digital marketers. I work on technical writing, live broadcasts, tutoring, and digita
I'm EJ Rand of Oasis Consulting Group. I handle all types of business consulting work, for the big businesses with a small business budget. Additionally, my company provides clients with comprehensiv
My Name is Cainen Buchanan, I own a client acquisition and retention consulting firm based in central Washington. We specialize in advanced marketing and lead generation, primarily via online resourc
Kristine has more than 10 years of lifestyle, arts and personality communications experience. An intrepid cultural explorer and trend hunter, her passion for creative storytelling gives her an intrins
An E-Commerce pioneer and business owner turned Digital Marketing expert, Doug Duguay has always had a passion for driving online commerce. When you love the consumer and know they come first, it allo
We are not just another tech company but WE MAKE THINGS HAPPENS. At RMS Innovates we focus on Designs, UI and UX along with the best practices in technology. We deals in Mobile Applications, Website D
Over the past 18 years, 10 of which were within a photography studio with Scünci/Conair. For those 10 years, I learned how to balance creativity within a corporate structure and expediency of workflo
Make your Brand Better! Gifted with a keen eye for perfection, will not stop until it's achieved! I am a college graduate with over 18 years experience. I have a special talent in recognizing what cus
My name is Brandi L Spencer, I'm a marketing and technology consultant! ** Let me take care of the TECH so that you can do more of what you LOVE in your Business! Let's collaborate to create s
People call me a persuasive leader who develops strategic, creative relationships with customers, stakeholders, coworkers and other key partners. As a strategic thinker, I understand what technology t
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