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I am Dustin Allen. I am a Los Angeles based Photographer and Cinematographer born and raised on the southside of Chicago, IL. I grew up appreciating the work of game-changing filmmakers such as Emmanuel Lubezki and Terry Gilliam. Their ability to ...
Ashley McGee

Ashley McGee

10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 50.00
Views 30    Los Angeles
Hello! If you are wanting to be a star (or just wanting to do something different that makes you feel good!) and have packed up your car or SUV or hoverboard and are moving here to Hollywood and you want to pick someone's brain with questions about a...
I am an experienced freelance writer/journalist with an extensive background in many fields - including news and current events, online and print publications, and more. I have also worked with both large corporations as well as startups, ensuring ma...
Shawn Lloyd

Shawn Lloyd

10 Points Hourly Rate  Varies
Views 44    Los Angeles
I'm a Creative Director and owner of a creative agency that specializes in fashion design, marketing, licensing, wardrobe direction and styling. I have over a decade experience in the business and have worked with some of todays top celebrities in mu...