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Golden Base Holdings

Golden Base Holdings

20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 50.00
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For Reference, refer to my LinkedIn @
Hello there! I'm Cake! I have extensive experience in almost anything PC related on the software side of things, so if you need help figuring out why a program won't work, why you're having trouble connecting to the internet, or even just help settin...
Hi I'm Nicholas Paholo. I am full LAMP stack web developer (php, mysqli, css, jquery). I create custom business management systems and web based business applications to streamline efficiency between technology and business work flow. I am also flue...
Sean T

Sean T

10 Points Hourly Rate  Varies
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Hey, how's it going?! I'm a Software Developer & Entrepreneur. I am also passionate about Finances & Investments. I'll keep this summary short for now.


Points Hourly Rate  $ 50.00
Views 14    Houston
Have a great software idea? Have a brilliant website idea? Don't know who to contact to bring your idea to life? You have come to the right place. I specialized in web and software designing and I can help individuals and businesses that need web and...