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I only like HAPPY CUSTOMERS I am a Information and idea hunter. I am also a full service handyman who can answer almost any question. ( I may be wrong, but I will have an answer 8-) ) I can find you a driver, owners manual, parts, software or solu...
I am an innovative and forward thinking Information Technology (IT) Specialist and Consultant with a passion for people and technology. I am customer-focused with strong interpersonal, technical, and management skills. I am experienced with ITIL meth...
Zadran Consulting

Zadran Consulting

10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 150.00
Views 90    Denver
I have over 20 years of IT experience from removing viruses to managing large networks. I also specialize in IP surveillance systems and small business support. My motto is " I can make it work".
Your expert on all computer services (Microsoft Professional / Apple Certified Tech) , Phones and electronics. In the tech business over 10 years and have helped hundreds of customers with Computer / Mobile related issues. Will provide computer and n...
From Automotive to Veterans outreach, getting to the people you need can be a time consuming experience. Relayo was created to get you what you what you need. Information is everywhere People is what makes Relayo Different. Drop me ...


Points Hourly Rate  Varies
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30 Points Hourly Rate  $ 20.00
Views 46   
I am an Information Technology professional with over 20 years of data center technology experience including virtualization (VMware), server hardware, performance, Linux, Unix, AppDynamics, strategy, data center design (power, cooling, layout), stor...


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 25.00
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Hey I'm Nossy. 26 and love anything tech and scenery related with a touch of sunshine. I work as a computer tech and am learning graphic design. If I can be of assistance in any fashion, or if you just need someone to vent/rant too, my door is open. ...
Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an A+ certified IT and technology consultant with a BA from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and also have a background in retail and marketing.
I am an IT specialist. I am an expert in digital communications ie:satcom, wifi, internet. I can work over the phone or remote console and help you through any issues you may be experiencing with your network, PC, or other electronic technology. You ...
Larry S

Larry S

10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 50.00
Views 22    San Diego
I have 20 years experience in IT, ranging from office support (Windows networks, printers, routers, etc) to Linux system administration (web services, database, DNS, backup, monitoring, etc) to cloud services (Amazon, Rackspace, VMWare, Proxmox, etc)...
I provide reliable networking services for any sized business by listening to customers and working with them to create a solution that meets with their service level goals and objectives. It is my mission to help customers/clients make their networ...