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Kerensia Yoga

Kerensia Yoga

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{ A BRIEF INTRO } I educate on Yoga & Empowerment, specializing with women seeking fulfillment in life. I managed several yoga studios, have taught several styles of yoga in many different formats, & am known for my skills with women's empowerment....
I’ve worked 3 years in the restaurant industry and have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills. I continue to use my strong interpersonal skills in healthcare business operations. On the other hand, I am also very friendly, open, ...
Compassionate Licensed Therapist who has extensive knowledge of mental illnesses and symptoms management through using a combination of therapy, medication and nutritional and health recommendations. I use Motivational Interviewing to help clients fi...
Software design and development is my specialty - I've developed firmware, websites (e-commerce and content creation platforms), cloud service platforms, and others using a variety of languages and techniques. Whether you're a startup trying to devel...
Scot Sturtevant, BBA, ACHE

Scot Sturtevant, BBA, ACHE

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Widely considered to be a leader in multigenerational marketing, Scot is leveraging changes in technology to level the playing field and capture market share for businesses throughout Southern California. Always on the lookout for the next "big thing...
I am one of those weird people that doesn't like to give my accolades...I am ambitious, well educated, and insatiably curious, so I tend to know the strangest things...if it's not listed, I might still know, just ask.
A Diggs

A Diggs

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I have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience which I offer to people in all walks of life. It's never too late to perfect your MASTERPIECE!
Hi, I'm Neil. I've been a career coach for 9+ years, nonprofit leader (pastor) for 20+ years and business owner for 9+ years. I also served the US Air Force as a Chaplain for almost 8 years. Add one wife and 7 kids together, we've got a great thing g...
❤️Hello, everyone, I'm 43 years old happily married father of three sons and I'm working as a spiritual coach, healer, medium, psychic around 16years. Let me show you or explain to you the spiritual or unseen world around us because everyone h...
I am a project manager, editor, education consultant, and walking and nature guide currently living in Blackwood, which is a hills suburb of Adelaide in South Australia. My interests range from Community Building and Project Management through to The...