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Tom S.

Tom S.

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Industry experience: 25+ years performing consultation and training in IT related areas for large corporations, startups and non-profits. Life experience: 50+ years living in multiple cultures.
I only like HAPPY CUSTOMERS I am a Information and idea hunter. I am also a full service handyman who can answer almost any question. ( I may be wrong, but I will have an answer 8-) ) I can find you a driver, owners manual, parts, software or solu...
Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an A+ certified IT and technology consultant with a BA from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and also have a background in retail and marketing.


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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Ask me anything about Science and tehnology (troubleshooting) Ask me anything about Cars,Car Scene,Import Scene,Racing. Religion,Travel,Culture. I am very friendly and approachable. Moral support,Love ...
Prior service Infantry Sergeant, United States Marine Corps IT Professional and Ethical Hacker World Champion gamer (Guns of Icarus Online) Martial Arts instructor and MCMAP Black Belt Explored Aokigahara in-depth on multiple occasions Generall...