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20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 25.00
Views 60    Seattle
Most of the areas of expertise that I list are a combination of skill and experience. For example, my career is in technology and computing for 20 years, but my experiences have included living on my own, dealing with multiple personal issues, and h...
Hi, My name is Jamie, and I have been programming for 9 years, I first started with JavaScript, then branched out to other programming languages. I am currently well known in: PHP JavaScript Java Python C# HTML CSS VBS Batch/CMD NodeJS JQuery DroidSc...


20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 30.00
Views 51   
I primarily freelance website design/IT/WordPress for small businesses, projects and individuals. I've grown extensive knowledge in a diverse amount of areas over the course of a decade or more. I am also knowledgeable in a wide range of hobbies.
Hello - I am an experienced entrepreneur and investor in consumer electronics, mobile apps, gaming, and esports. If you need an advisor in marketing, finance, ecommerce, or product development, I'm happy to help. ABOUT BRIAN One of the best-know...
I'm 21 years old and have 10 years experience. New to the site so I will not be charging anything for a while unless it requires remote access. Computer running slow? Got a virus? Game not running at optimal speeds? Building your own rig and not sure...
Hello, i'm Eric. i have more than 10 years experience building, repairing, and troubleshooting PC's. want to build a new gaming rig? I can help you find the best build for your money. Your computer not performing correctly? i can help you troublesh...
Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an A+ certified IT and technology consultant with a BA from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and also have a background in retail and marketing.
Nicolas Espindola

Nicolas Espindola

15 Points Hourly Rate  $ 20.00
Views 40   
Hello :) My name is Niko. Ever since I can remember I always knew that my purpose here was to help people better themselves.. although I did not know how .. here I am now. My main subjects of expertise would be anything that has to do with COMPUTERS ...


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 15.00
Views 27   
Hello! I am 33 yo russian guy who wants to achieve a lot of goals in the country of dream - US Have gained a lot experienced in different areas. I have been managing SUBWAY restaraunt for 5 years in Russia, managed my YouTube dance channel, know...
Prior service Infantry Sergeant, United States Marine Corps IT Professional and Ethical Hacker World Champion gamer (Guns of Icarus Online) Martial Arts instructor and MCMAP Black Belt Explored Aokigahara in-depth on multiple occasions Generall...
Software design and development is my specialty - I've developed firmware, websites (e-commerce and content creation platforms), cloud service platforms, and others using a variety of languages and techniques. Whether you're a startup trying to devel...
I have been in the computer repair and maintenance field for over twenty years now ranging from break/fix all the way up to server and network management. I have an insight many don't get by being tied down to one specific job. As an IT manager at a ...
Neal Godfrey

Neal Godfrey

10 Points Hourly Rate  Varies
Views 27    Las Vegas
Over 20 years experience with DOS, Windows and Linux based platforms. I can provide remote desktop support as needed and I am also able to do server and network administration as well
Ted Lawson

Ted Lawson

20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 35.00
Views 31   
Computers and technology are my passions! I love seeing how far we can push the limits of tech to make our lives easier and more efficient at work and at home. I have experience in a very wide range of fields through the years of experience in tech i...