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Computers and technology are my passions! I love seeing how far we can push the limits of tech to make our lives easier and more efficient at work and at home. I have experience in a very wide range of fields through the years of experience in tech i...
We are a computer Repair and Consulting Company that’s committed to providing Technical services to Small and Homebased business. We come to you and ensure all of your Technical issues are managed and running smoothly as possible with minimum ...
I only like HAPPY CUSTOMERS I am a Information and idea hunter. I am also a full service handyman who can answer almost any question. ( I may be wrong, but I will have an answer 8-) ) I can find you a driver, owners manual, parts, software or solu...
That Tech Jeff (805) 364-5284 Thumbtack Best of 2017 Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015 For almost 30 years Jeff has provided PC help in Santa Barbara and Goleta and now all over the U.S. Never a charge for advice or to answer your questions. Al...
Tom S.

Tom S.

10 Points, Hourly Rate 20+
Views 39   
Industry experience: 25+ years performing consultation and training in IT related areas for large corporations, startups and non-profits. Life experience: 50+ years living in multiple cultures.


10 Points, Hourly Rate 5
Views 34   
My name is Shirantha Warakaulle and interested to work remotely. Currently I’m working on projects through online for clients in USA. My professional career is over 10 years of experience. This includes of Interior Designing, Furniture Desi...
Jorge Urdaneta

Jorge Urdaneta

10 Points, Hourly Rate 30.00
Views 39   
Hello, my name is Jorge I am an IT Professional and I work in government as well as private IT consultation. My primary field of expertise is IT system with emphasis on Data collection, scanning and organizing of business information as well as digit...
Microsoft and A Plus Certified Computer Repair and Network Engineer 15 years experience.
I'm a senior tech in retail, who been around and knows a lot. Ask me and find out.
Produced and hosted TWZ Radio since 2010 Currently working on a video game TWZ - The Game
Hi, My name is Jamie, and I have been programming for 9 years, I first started with JavaScript, then branched out to other programming languages. I am currently well known in: PHP JavaScript Java Python C# HTML CSS VBS Batch/CMD NodeJS JQuery DroidSc...
BS-Computer Science, MCSE, MCP, CCNA, Certified Web Master, HTLM, HTML5, CSS, CGI, Over 20 Years Experience
I have been in computer tech support and repair for over 15 years, and currently working for a fortune 50 company with a strong emphasis in Cyber Security. I can assist in guiding you to resolve your computer-related problems, from Windows freezing,...
Larry S

Larry S

10 Points, Hourly Rate $35 - $60
Views 39    San Diego
I have 20 years experience in IT, ranging from office support (Windows networks, printers, routers, etc) to Linux system administration (web services, database, DNS, backup, monitoring, etc) to cloud services (Amazon, Rackspace, VMWare, Proxmox, etc)...
I am a Senior Computer Systems Technician that works on call for customers with in 50 mile radius or I allow people to drop off there devices at my home office location. I regularly provide technical support for software issues for various systems li...
Digital jack-of-all-trades with professional experience in Hollywood, both music recording and motion picture production. I've been building websites for 20 years now and have recently emphasized multimedia content production out of a small studio I'...


10 Points, Hourly Rate 60.00
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I am the owner/operator for a small business located in Central New York. We are a website design, hosting & computer service business that caters to individual and personal experience in computer use and website assistance and training. We offer man...
Summary: I am a PC gamer who has been a PC hardware enthusiast for 13 years. I specialize in building, maintaining, optimizing, upgrading, and troubleshooting PCs. I can install and troubleshoot the Windows operating system, hardware problems, swa...


10 Points, Hourly Rate $30-$70 bucks
Views 29   
Hello! My name is Tito, and I have 15+ years of experience in all things tech! Whether it's removing viruses, installing new hardware, or just showing you how to use software you need for your work or hobbies, I can help you out! My prices are fai...