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45 Points, Hourly Rate 55
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Hello, My name is Jesse. I'm a very well versed in many topics. You can ask me about anything and chances are, I know quite a bit about it. I've been gifted by God with a rare ability to absorb and retain knowledge. This makes me a very formidab...
Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an A+ certified IT and technology consultant with a BA from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and also have a background in retail and marketing.
My name is Ruchi Kumar and I've been caring for children for the past 10 years. My degree is in Child Learning Development and a minor in music with a focus on infant care and development. I am also a musician. I have been playing piano for almost 20...
Julie S.

Julie S.

10 Points, Hourly Rate Varies, $15-25
Views 39    Portland
I'm a 'Jill of many trades', well-rounded, and have had my hand in many different pots. I'm happy to share what I know about the subjects I have studied and gained experience in along my journey through life. I have 20+ years experience in most of th...


10 Points, Hourly Rate $40
Views 31    Sacramento
I am currently a Resident Manager of several duplexes. I am also a notary/ Certified Loan Signing agent. I have 4 grown children, I do a variety of crafts, I have been a maintenance technician, both residential and commercial for 25 years, I was a li...


10 Points, Hourly Rate 5
Views 40    San Francisco
Hey there! I'm a Culinary student major in Baking and Pastry. I have 3 years of experience with Cake decorating using Fondant and Gumpaste. If you need help with, I'll be more than happy to help! I also have 5 years experience with customer service a...
Fitness Geek ,colour freak, Freelance artist