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I am a third year University student and am currently a tutor for high schoolers in Los Angeles. I am a sociology major, but have many interests including writing, music, photography, and hiking.
Hey You! My name is Lala and I'm here to help! no matter what you are looking for I can come up with the solution or an answer to any problem. I live in San Francisco, CA and I am very Tech Savvy!
I am Anita. I have had a very diverse career ranging from Human Resources Management, French translation, English teaching , Web Design to Software Testing. I am great at a lot of things and love mus
Can't talk right now
As a sixth form graduate my skills enable me to assist others with the obstacles they face in daily life as well as apt problem-solving skills to help the innovative aspect of whomever you are.
Hello! My name is Ramses and I'v been working in customer service for many years, chat with me for any information you may need!
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Master's in Business Administration, PHD at life. Help me to help you :)
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