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I am a third year University student and am currently a tutor for high schoolers in Los Angeles. I am a sociology major, but have many interests including writing, music, photography, and hiking.
Hey You! My name is Lala and I'm here to help! no matter what you are looking for I can come up with the solution or an answer to any problem. I live in San Francisco, CA and I am very Tech Savvy! But my main focus is on music, art, fashion sense,...
I am Anita. I have had a very diverse career ranging from Human Resources Management, French translation, English teaching , Web Design to Software Testing. I am great at a lot of things and love music , food, travel , art , gaming and languages. I ...
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Master's in Business Administration, PHD at life. Help me to help you :)
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As a sixth form graduate my skills enable me to assist others with the obstacles they face in daily life as well as apt problem-solving skills to help the innovative aspect of whomever you are.
I am an experienced customer service professional working in the industry for the past 15 years.