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We are a computer Repair and Consulting Company that’s committed to providing Technical services to Small and Homebased business. We come to you and ensure all of your Technical issues are managed and running smoothly as possible with minimum ...


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 60.00
Views 14    San Francisco
• 4+ years of professional experience as a System Administrator for medium-large companies • Knowledgeable in Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows • In-depth networking ability • Security background (viruses don't stand a cha...
Hi I'm Nicholas Paholo. I am full LAMP stack web developer (php, mysqli, css, jquery). I create custom business management systems and web based business applications to streamline efficiency between technology and business work flow. I am also flue...


20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 50.00
Views 21   
I have SMB and corporate consulting background. I mostly fix things, such as installing software/hardware or migrating to new systems or clouds. Mostly I can help your business be efficient with technology solutions. This includes desktops, servers, ...
Hey Everyone! My name is Alex and I am a Mechanical Engineer in Southern California. I want to help other out there because I was there was a quick place to ask a question when starting my businesses! I have successfully started up 3 medical device c...


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 10.00
Views 20    Seattle
I'm 21 years old and have 10 years experience. New to the site so I will not be charging anything for a while unless it requires remote access. Computer running slow? Got a virus? Game not running at optimal speeds? Building your own rig and not sure...


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 25.00
Views 34   
From Automotive to Veterans outreach, getting to the people you need can be a time consuming experience. Relayo was created to get you what you what you need. Information is everywhere People is what makes Relayo Different. Drop me ...