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I am a software developer looking for work, Do you need something built? Do you need a Business Plan? Do you want to build documentation? Let me know if I can be of service,


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 45.00
Views 38    Chicago
I have 20+ Years of experience in software industry, ranging from high speed robotics to telecom to webpages and apps. Software development, problem solving and taking your business from good to great is my speciality and it is easy for me. Hope we c...
From Automotive to Veterans outreach, getting to the people you need can be a time consuming experience. Relayo was created to get you what you what you need. Information is everywhere People is what makes Relayo Different. Drop me ...


20 Points Hourly Rate  $ 10.00
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I am a lover of all living things, a motivator, and one who is inclined to inner/understand another at his or her core self. I am talented in dealing with mattwrs of the spirit, mind, soul and heart. Open-minded with the ability to perceive from ...
For Reference, refer to my LinkedIn @


10 Points Hourly Rate  $ 25.00
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Hey I'm Nossy. 26 and love anything tech and scenery related with a touch of sunshine. I work as a computer tech and am learning graphic design. If I can be of assistance in any fashion, or if you just need someone to vent/rant too, my door is open. ...
30+ years entrepreneurial experience, with some corporate expertise in business development, accounting & taxation, strategy & management consulting. I've personally developed over $78 million in deals and helped clients & mentees convert over $20 m...