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I am mid 30 minority woman that thrives on overcoming and building the life possible out of the circumstances we are in today. I live to make the best possible decisions at best and only surrounding m
Reydai Ideas founded by Aakash singh(LinkedIn- and Aditi Pandey(LinkedIn- is a small consulting startup, whe
I am an illustrator specializing in storyboard and concept art. My work can be found at:
Sean Thorsten

Sean Thorsten

10 Points, Hourly Rate 9.50
Hey! My name is Sean! I'm currently skilled in listening to any issue that you're having or helping you out with any kind of motivation. Send me a message! I'm always available.
My name is Michelle and I am a co-active coach specializing in all areas of a person's life, such as health, career, physical environment, personal growth, money, fun & recreation, significant other/r
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