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Sean Thorsten

Sean Thorsten

10 Points, Hourly Rate 9.50

New York, NY

Hey! My name is Sean! I'm currently skilled in listening to any issue that you're having or helping you out with any kind of motivation. Send me a message! I'm always available.
I am an illustrator specializing in storyboard and concept art. My work can be found at:
Marcorios Bekheit

Marcorios Bekheit

10 Points, Hourly Rate 15

inglewood, California

I have gone through depression as I lacked meaning in life and did not have any friends until I reset my mindset to a positive and responsible one. Once I did that I took action to learn how to commun
Freelance Translator and Editor at Unbabel | System Administrator (Technical Support) at DataCall Master of Computer systems and networks - Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University of Uk
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