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Nick Rodriguez

Nick Rodriguez

55 Points, Hourly Rate Free consultations
Views 91    Napa
Hello everyone, My name is Nick, and I am the Co-founder of Relayo. Like everyone, I have years of experience in my field of expertise, but also knowledge from all areas of life that I've collected in my brain just waiting to be unleashed. I'm hap...
Blockchain expert, programmer, inventor #cryptography #cybersecurity #privacy #bitcoin Interests: I am enthusiast of inventions, binding together different areas of activity - coding and law, IT with art, math with art, 3D design with music...
I have over 4 years experience as a web developer, network security tester, software troubleshooter, and code debugger. I started out with a powerful, yet determined course of action that lead to my wealth of knowledge as a creative, highly persisten...
Golden Base Holdings

Golden Base Holdings

20 Points, Hourly Rate 50/ Hr Consultation
Views 48   
For Reference, refer to my LinkedIn @
Computers and technology are my passions! I love seeing how far we can push the limits of tech to make our lives easier and more efficient at work and at home. I have experience in a very wide range of fields through the years of experience in tech i...
Hi, I'm Eric. I'm an A+ certified IT and technology consultant with a BA from Columbia College Chicago. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and also have a background in retail and marketing.
My name is George Aweanung and I am a big time nerd, I spend my spare time learning how I can be financially free when I am older, I am super passionate about investing and knowing a lot. I have started 3 businesses and have learned a lot as I starte...
Brian Meche

Brian Meche

10 Points, Hourly Rate $20
Views 33    San Francisco
Professional in various fields. A 6 year proven track record in writing, testing apps, websites, providing in depth reviews on sites and products. Technology junk and maniac. Prefer being challenged with new assignments/tasks. A team player and posse...
Over 16 years of trained experience in designing, installing, and maintaining LAN, WAN, and VPNs and supporting all variety's of hardware and software Extensive experience with major Operating Systems XP/Vista/7,Server 2008/2012/201, Linux (RedHat,...
Hi, My name is Jamie, and I have been programming for 9 years, I first started with JavaScript, then branched out to other programming languages. I am currently well known in: PHP JavaScript Java Python C# HTML CSS VBS Batch/CMD NodeJS JQuery DroidSc...
West County Media

West County Media

10 Points, Hourly Rate $75-125/hr
Views 49   
West County Media offers both On-Site and Remote Consulting, Training & Design/Development Services. Our development team is well seasoned in deploying, hosting, customizing, maintaining & securing a broad range of excellent and stable open source...
Hey I'm Nossy. 26 and love anything tech and scenery related with a touch of sunshine. I work as a computer tech and am learning graphic design. If I can be of assistance in any fashion, or if you just need someone to vent/rant too, my door is open. ...


10 Points, Hourly Rate 100
Views 29   
Nakul is the Founder and Director of Sate Development - India's first Blockchain Company. He is a regular speaker at conferences and Summits globally on various topics covering Bitcoin and Blockchain, and is a longtime creative thought leader in fina...
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