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Blockchain expert, programmer, inventor #cryptography #cybersecurity #privacy #bitcoin Interests: I am enthusiast of inventions, binding together different areas of activity - coding and law
QA Analyst with a background in project management. I can offer expertise in the following subjects. Agile & Waterfall Methodologies. Cross-functional Coordination. Release Management. Sof
For Reference, refer to my LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-ayittey-27490b28
Dave understands gadgets — and technology. A computer professional by day, he knows hardware and software and loves hopping in a new car to push all the buttons. As a boy growing up in Southern Ca
Hi, My name is Matt. I have done a ton of stuff in my search of self discovery, fighting in a war, leadership role at a manufacturing plant, being a successful entrepreneur, getting a super hard degre
I am an experienced freelance writer/journalist with an extensive background in many fields - including news and current events, online and print publications, and more. I have also worked with both l


10 Points, Hourly Rate 25
Expert tutor in Math, Science and Software Development.
Bitcoin and Crypto currency expert. I have been involved in Bitcoin and Crypto currencies including many alt coins and blockchain technologies and platforms since 2014. Ask me anything and everything
I am an MBA and Engineering graduate with numerous years of experience in brand management, marketing and research. I like helping people and I get excited when I solve complex problems. When I am so
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