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Have been a student of the soil for 10 years. Currently helping manage 10,000 sq ft of licensed and permitted cannabis canopy space in Northern California. Avid organic gardener and advocate for regenerative agriculture. Dirt is dead, soil is aliv...
I am a 30-year-old Cannabis expert. Whether it's Cannabis use for medicinal or recreational purpose I can probably help. I specialize in organic soil growing and the medicinal properties of Cannabis.
Organic no till cannabis gardener, with experience throughout the cannabis industry, as well as many other fields previously. I am approachable, feel free to ask anything!
Fitness Geek ,colour freak, Freelance artist
I am very good on healthy lifestyle and getting fit, what takes most people 6 month to year to do and get results. i did it in 6 weeks, went from 20% body fat to now only 6% now I am built with a 8 pac want one also, lets chat hit me up anytime.