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Hello to all you Relayo peeps! I care about helping people thrive. To that end, I'm here to help in anyway I can and offer free consultations relating to anywhere I can add value. I've been i
I love languages, when I am teaching it feels like getting to play, and make a game of sharing my knowledge and experience. Not only does this relaxed and familiar approach help my students, but it is
Nick Rodriguez

Nick Rodriguez

50 Points, Hourly Rate Free consultations
Hello everyone, My name is Nick, and I am the Co-founder of Relayo. Like everyone, I have years of experience in my field of expertise, but also knowledge from all areas of life that I've collected
Simply put, SYS IT Services is the Bay Area’s best. That’s because we employ the best-qualified, most-experienced technology consultants and IT engineers in Northern California to deliver world
My profesional Experiance 1. Improved the administration contract procedure starting from the tender process until the end of the project. 2. Negotiating the term and condition of contract for m
I am seeking employment in the I.T. industries (more in software as that is the future of technology), in Investigation, or in higher end Security. I have letters of recommendation, as well as ref
Hey There! Need tech support? I can help! I currently work for an academic tech company handling customer service requests such as calls, chats, face to face, and emails regarding really any tech issu
My editorial career has ranged across a breadth of leading organizations, from major nonprofits like Boys & Girls Clubs of America Headquarters to Kaiser Permanente. I am skilled in editorial operatio
I’m frequently referred to as a Swiss Army Knife based on my broad experience and knowledge; I’m skilled and accomplished in multiple areas of Marketing, Operations and Creative. I have had the pl
I have a vendetta against products that don't understand people. I have initiated my revenge by joining early stage start-ups and tech companies to build a foundation for great design—melding busine
ALFATEK is a Managed Service Provider, offer an array of service offerings to the customers that include:  NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICE  IT MANAGED SERVICES  WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
I am Dustin Allen. I am a Los Angeles based Photographer and Cinematographer born and raised on the southside of Chicago, IL. I grew up appreciating the work of game-changing filmmakers such as Emma
I am a freelance graphic and web designer based in the San Francisco, Bay area - California. I design logos, help with branding, print and web graphics, website design, and code front end websites.
Check out the hashtags yo, Its all there. I'm an SF HUNTERS POINT NATIVE, 25, Black/ NativeAmerican 5'9, 155Lbs and I know a lot about a lot. Area of Expertise: Most things you can't ask the police
I'm an experienced Senior Software Engineer, and I often interview candidates for technical interviews - backend, frontend, and fit. I also mentor coding bootcamp students, and I would be happy to hel
I provide reliable networking services for any sized business by listening to customers and working with them to create a solution that meets with their service level goals and objectives. It is my m
Hey there! I've been doing Twitch Live stream/Tech consultations for almost 3 years. Through them, I've learned a variety of skills such as content design and social media marketing. I enjoy helping p
There are two truths to growth: 1) Tell an unforgettable story. 2) Make sure there's an attentive audience. I can help you do both! As a content strategist, writer, and producer, I've worked within
Working full time on www.relayo.com helping people promote themselves and share knowledge. Connect with me live @ https://www.relayo.com/experts/24/Nick-Rodriguez.htm I've been working as a web deve
Lifelong interdisciplinary artist, Fine Arts Training at Carnegie-Mellon University (1980). Creative consultant and freelance multimedia designer in downtown San Francisco since 1997. Founder and Dire
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