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I have 15 years as a software developer. Have worked in BI for companies such as Lockheed Martin, Google, Halliburton and other top companies. My specialty is full end to end database to front end design. I am skilled in the Cutting Edge Desktop and
I am an entertainment, celebrity, and special events publicist. I am a full-service public relations and strategic marketing consultant based in Los Angeles, CA I specialize in entertainment, music, fashion, lifestyle brands, public relations and ma
Relaxation Fitness

Relaxation Fitness

20 Points, Hourly Rate 15.00 per hour
I have a MA in Kinesiology and I believe in living well and stress free. I can help to overcome stress, anxiety, goal setting and letting go of the negative. Lets chit chat about where you are, and how we can get you to being a better healthy person
I am a third year University student and am currently a tutor for high schoolers in Los Angeles. I am a sociology major, but have many interests including writing, music, photography, and hiking.
As a Creative Consultant, developing projects and executing strategies I am vested in my clients success. My clients are made up of a diverse cross section of today's most innovative, creative based organizations, established brands and individuals.
I'm a Creative Director and owner of a creative agency that specializes in fashion design, marketing, licensing, wardrobe direction and styling. I have over a decade experience in the business and have worked with some of todays top celebrities in mu
We thrive on inter-hemispheric communication to solve complex problems with respect to Business, Technology and Creative. This is all done with a desire to provide value-driven outcomes for our clients. Ultimately it's all about storytelling when
Microsoft and A Plus Certified Computer Repair and Network Engineer 15 years experience.
I have taken on lots of refresh projects from beginning to end, wear multiple hats as needed. Whether it is user computer and software related or back end server related. Just recently I implemented a help desk ticketing system into a company that ha