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I have been writing about arts, entertainment and pop culture on my website, WriterofPop.net, since 2011.I write reviews of movies and TV show, news stories about upcoming features, new attractions at themes parks, my own musings and what not, often
As a certified professional coach, I encourage people to transform their daily lives with clarity and awareness to help identify where they are at right now and where they want to be. Creating this road map helps clients see the patterns that have se
Exploring and Growing the photographers community. Teaching Digital SLR Photography to beginner and intermediate photographers. My clients learn Manual Mode and how the Exposure Triangle works covering ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed, and how
S.W for over 8 years & I have a lot to share with you! From behind the phone to in front of the camera, I've done it all. Also into talking about sexuality & LGBTQ topics.
My approach to Life and Business Coaching is a spiritual one. In 2005 I had an Out of Body Near Death Experience that forever changed me. My intuition was switched on and I've been listening to it deeply, ever since. Through the years I've experience
Currently I am the Managing Director of a Seattle based video production company, and a Video Producer focusing mainly on corporate communications with Fortune 500 companies. I have spent the majority of my 10 year career in video for Big Tech (alth
Digital jack-of-all-trades with professional experience in Hollywood, both music recording and motion picture production. I've been building websites for 20 years now and have recently emphasized multimedia content production out of a small studio I'
As a talented individual with a Jack of Trades mentality I realized something I'm a Project Manager with excellent leadership skills to motivate and drive every organizations potential to a exponential connection with the world. My goal is to e
DeWon Tarpley is an acclaimed design consultant, visionary entrepreneur and an inspiring youth mentor. DeWon expands his inexhaustible imagination and design finesse to create extraordinary blueprints for buildings, business and life. DeWon’s innat