What is relayo?

Relayo is a ridiculously easy way to connect with helpful people worldwide.

What's unique?

Live chat, it's that simple. There is no faster way to connect and engage multiple people in real time. Going further, we focus on simplicity, better organization, easier access and expansive knowledge from a large volume of experts. The goal is to make engaging faster.

How are people using relayo?

Connections and conversations have been awesome, here are some examples. An Amazon Web Services expert gave advice to a software developer, from Portland to the San Francisco Bay Area. People have spoken to users on the other side of the planet to talk about planning a trip. Startups engage with consultants when they need marketing, branding, technical guidance. Freelancers book gigs. Experts, mentors, and coaches have found new clients and have provided help in real time over live chat. Bloggers use relayo to promte their content. That's just the start.

How does the point system work?

Points give you more visibility on the site, here are some ways you can get em!
On your profile: adding a summary, and a picture = 10pts
Every 'like' you recieve for a blog you've posted = 5pts
Sharing your profile on twitter(r) and facebook(r) = 5pts each max once a month
Someone endorses you = 10pts

Do you offer partnerships?

We are all about partnerships. From guest bloggings, revenue sharing, to referrals, we do it all.
If you'd like to guest blog, you can do that from your account, and we are all about your promotion, so backlink away!
Consulting firms are another big partnership segment for us. We offer free profiles for consultants and refer leads back up stream.
Referral program debuting soon, to help grow the community.

How do payments work?

Currently it is open, take a connection and handle a payment arrangement however you would like outside of relayo.
Soon, we will be adding payment buttons that allow for venmo(r), paypal(r), bitcoin(r), etc..
Future plans are to integrate a fully in portal payment system based on Braintree(r).