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*No Experience Needed - Anyone Can Do This* Looking for Social Media Users!

Gains fb - July 17th, 2018
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GainsFb $10k to $25k Bachelor degree Part-time 1 Year

Hello! We’re offering 2 opportunities at this time. #1. Earn $20/wk doing absolutely nothing. All you need is: Internet Home Computer Social Media Accounts #2. Earn $10 per lead you send to us. Leads being other social media users that are willing to do #1. If interested, please contact us right away :) Thank you! Looking forward to speak with you.

2  Replies

Response from Christina Anderson on November 02nd, 2018

I'm interested. What will I be doing and how can I start?

Response from latbz on October 11th, 2018

Hello, I am interested in opportunity #1. Earn $20/wk doing absolutely nothing. Have access to a computer, and smartphone for the internet, a Facebook, Twitter and Google account. Excited to start gig' as soon as you need. Thank You,
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