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Pay For Blogs You've Already Written

Sam - September 05th, 2018 - $10
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Relayo Contract

Hey there, We're looking for great content. If you have blogs that are sitting on your site, and want to syndicate them, we're paying for current dormant content. We found that this is a win win as we can help drive traffic to our site, your site via referral and actually expose blogs that are sitting in the background. We pay and you can use the money to support writing more new content. This is for current content that you'd like to expose. If interested, live chat or reply below... we'll check out the content and if it can drive traffic, min 1-5 hits on our site per day we'll pay you. You can pull it anytime, and it's totally flexible. We can arrange the right canonical set up as well. Reach out! It's worked well in the past and we've driven some mutual traffic for up and comming bloggers. Share this post if you know someone who'd be interested. We'd love to chat.

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Response from Sensei Sean on October 10th, 2018

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