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Chrome extension for GMAIL or standalone GMAIL plugin - Email Status Widget (PAID GIG)

Sam - October 16th, 2017
Posts 5    Views 31    Comments 2    San Francisco, California
Moxi No formal education Contract 2 Years

Hello! Name your price - open to all bids -- just reply below. I want to make a tool for sales people (and beyond) This tool would: - allow someone to send an email - allow the recipient to choose from a drop down in the row of that message in gmail's UI, a status update... like "looking at" "will reply later" "too busy now" - and on the senders side this would be reflected - the updated status Make sense?

2  Replies

Response from stripcheese20 on November 08th, 2017

I could do this in a week or two, and for a small amount too. But as Bob said it does depend on the details.

Response from Bob Walsh on October 16th, 2017

As a chrome extension for gmail, I can definitely build this for you. Of course, the devil is in the details - like letting them pick from a defined list of status updates, letting them add new statuses, etc. It would be better if we talked: 707-327-8286. Cheers, Bob
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