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Meet Soo Young Lee and Dustin Payne - Experts In Personal Growth, Coaching and M...

Admin - Updated: September 22nd, 2017    Views 58

Personal Growth | Coaching | Relationships | parenting skills | Creativity
Company Name: Challenge GenieTwitter Handle:@ChallenGenieURL: http://www.challengenie.comFacebook: My husband and I along with another business partner started Challenge Genie as a platform to help people achieve small steps toward big change. Despite the popularity of the life hacking movement, we feel that personal evolution...

Nicole Thanh - Ready to Help With Your Digital Marketing and Advertising Needs!

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 67

Marketing | Advertising | Strategy | content marketing
Nicole ThanhCompany Name: Contemporary MarketingCheck out: contemporary-agency.comIntro:Hey there! My name is Nicole! My academic and professional background has been profoundly and extensively immersed in psychology and mental health. Working with people is my life and understanding what motivates them and how their mind operates is my job. I’ve taken these experiences and learned kno...

Robert Beisert - Pro Software Architect

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 47

software | Software Development | agile | technical strategy
Name: Robert Beisert Company: Self-employed contractor/consultant URL: Introduction: I'm a software architect specializing in small-business technology strategies and solutions. I employ agile practices to develop strategic breakdowns that turn complex problems into implementable solutions. Areas of Focus: Software Development, technical strategy, Christ...

Gary George with Zion Photography

We'd like to introduce to the community, ZION PHOTOGRAPHY! Name: Gary GeorgeCompany Name: Zion Photography URL: http://www.zionphotography.orgIntroduction (tell us about yourself):What started in 2011 with an average point and shoot and a need to communicate work going on in Haiti with photos, turned into a desire for greater images.  Returning for a second season in Haiti with...

Consulting, Training & Design from West County Media

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 63

business partnerships | showcase
Consulting, Training & Design West County Media offers both On-Site and RemoteConsulting, Training & Design Service Packages.We can help you build it, and show you how to use it well.We specialize in developing beautiful, dynamic, responsive,websites built with WordPress as well as a host of otherpowerful technology solutions to help you take yourbrand to the next ...

What's up with Relayo? Latest update and cool stuff happening

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 61

The Roadmap  We have opened up the roadmap so that you can get more involved. Check out the trello project board so you can see what we’re working on. suggest ideas, and get more involved so we can learn what people like you really want us to build. Check out some of the stuff we’re looking to add and please let us know if you have any suggestions, https://trello.c...

Going to Hawaii? Check out these Facebook pages

Admin - Updated: September 21st, 2017    Views 54

hawaii | facebook
FacebookFacebook, is an excellent resource for insight information on local businesses and people. Before you visit Hawaii, checkout these 15 Facebook pages. You’ll be ready to take on the great pacific but you’ll really just want to float easy. Hawaiian Islands <-- (click title to visit page)The Hawaiian Islands are made of eight primary islands in the Pacific Ocean: Ni...

Side Hustle Smart

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 52

side hustle | Freelancing
Have you always been good at turning beads into necklaces but didn’t want to make a career out of it? Are you killer at creating user-friendly yet aesthetically pleasing websites but you go to school full time? How about if you have always wanted to put your certificate in tax preparing to use and you think it’s about time to do so. Everyone could always use a little, or a lot, of ex...

How to Work Remotely in a Highly-Connected Digital World

Admin - Updated: September 17th, 2017    Views 55

remote work | remote | nomad | Independent Contracting | Freelancing
These are the best and most exciting of times. We can all now work remotely in our own little places and spaces and yet feel so very connected to each other. We are only just a text or Wi-Fi away from each other. The advent of smartphones made everything mobile. Your tiny mobile phone is one heaven of a little computer. Depending on its processor and specifications, you can do most remote work fro...

How To Grow Your Blog Audience

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 57

blogging | Freelancing | Article Writing
Blogs are an in thing today. Businesses and creative individuals are using it to reach out to their customers and audience. They are an effective way of relaying messages, giving updates on innovations or products and even express views on issues that people are passionate about. People are spending hundreds of hour’s annually reading blogs. It’s an efficient way to get information o...

Egypt 2016 by Gregory Zompolis

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 52

Travel | Egypt
Egypt 2016 Egypt is so much more than Pyramids and the Nile River. My journey began with glancing over an email a couple of months ago. The words “Nile Cruise” in it caught my eye and I went back and opened it. The price was unbelievably low and incredibly affordable. Out of curiosity, I called the agency sponsoring this trip. I fully expected a “hard sell” but it was not t...

Freelancing advice from a creative professional

Why freelancing?Why not? As many of you are well aware, freelancing gives you the option to be creative and work with various clients. Not only that, it allows you to help build your brand and repertoire. I’ve spoken with a few freelancers in various fields and there are many feelings attached to it. Freelancing is work — first and foremost — which can deter some people. Howev...

Hear It from the Pros: 10 Tips for New Freelancers

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 51

Freelancing | Independent Contracting
If you're starting out as a freelancer, you might need some advice from those who have years of experience in the craft. Freelancing has a lot of perks - you get to work on your own time, you are your own boss, and you can skip the dress code. However, it's a misconception that freelancing is not as challenging as an ordinary job. Here are ten helpful tips to make sure you're on the right track.Kn...

Bloggers and Businesses Must Be Focused on Getting the Most Out of Alexa Now

Admin - Updated: September 24th, 2017    Views 57

Freelancing | Independent Contracting | web development
What is Alexa and why are bloggers and businesses crazy about it?Alexa, a California-based company founded in 1996 and acquired by Amazon in 1999, is your best friend if you are a blogger or in business.This company will provide you web data and analytics that will reveal to you your site’s performance among your competitors and on how often and how much you figure in search engines like Go...

Support the relayo peeps at Hacker News

Admin - Updated: September 16th, 2017    Views 52

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How to use Amazon Alexa App

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 52

alexa | amazon | iot | smart home
Amazon is an online megastore that has gone miles to deliver on customer’s desires. It has not relented in delivering on the buyer’s expectations. Every day it’s coming up with smarter technologies to help improve its customer experience. Recently they launched the Alexa voice app. It is a modern tool that helps you to order products from Amazon just by asking for them. This i...

Common Pitfalls for Freelancers and How to Avoid Them

Admin - Updated: September 21st, 2017    Views 49

Freelancing | Independent Contracting | Gig Economy
Those who want to make a career online need to be wary of the common pitfalls for freelancers. If you are reading this, maybe you have already decided about going freelance. There are numerous benefits, of course, such as owning your own time, become your own boss and possibly getting a bigger paycheck. That’s because when you work from home, you dispense with the transportation cost and ...

Tips for Negotiating Pay and Payment Options, Escrows

Admin - Updated: September 21st, 2017    Views 55

Freelancing | business management | Independent Contracting | Gig Economy
If you want to build a career as a freelancer, one of the things you should learn is negotiating pay and payment options or escrows. This is crucial not just to boost your monthly income, but also to make sure that you are not being cheated out of your just compensation. Regardless of whether you are paid by fixed rate or by the hour, it’s important that you have a system in place for easy ...

Stand Out! How to Build an Impressive Profile to Gain More Clients

Admin - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 72

Independent Contracting | Freelancing | Gig Economy
The online world’s vastness can be overwhelming, and standing out in the freelancing crowd can prove to be quite a challenge. With all the massive competition out there, you may have applied to various jobs but get few or no responses at all. If you’ve spent so much time doing these things to little or no avail, then you may want to reconsider your self-marketing strategy. Before y...

The Best Places to Find Freelancers

Admin - Updated: September 22nd, 2017    Views 52

Freelancing | Gig Economy | Independent Contracting | Recruiting | business management
The online world is as vast as the ocean. If you don’t know how to navigate, you’ll most likely end up lost in its uncharted seas. If you’re looking to hire freelancers for your online business, here are some favorable winds to lead you to the right direction and some potentially unfavorable ones to steer clear of. Specialized Marketplaces Marketplace for Freelance Dev...