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8 Helpful Tips to Organizing Your Home Office

OasisConsultingGroup - Updated: September 24th, 2017    Views 53

Household | Home | home office | office | Organization
Working from home can be fun, but if you aren’t organized properly, then it can be hell. Below are some tips for organizing your home office. Tip #1: Tools for organization When I say tools, I don’t mean a screw driver and wrench.  I mean a few basic tools like an inbox where you can put assignments, bills, letters and other projects on your to-do list, a file rac...

7 Deadly Sins Business Owners Commit

Owning a business is not only stressful and time consuming, but, it also takes a strong willed individual to keep going no matter what happens with the business, good or bad.  However, with that said, many business owners are guilty of committing the various sins that can take down there business. Sin #1: Greed I know what you are thinking, all business owners are greedy, and while...

5 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for Any Industry

With 2017 already started there are a lot of companies looking to step out from behind their competitor’s shadows in order to be at the forefront in the marketing game.  However, when coming up with a killer marketing campaign it can be very hard to design something creative, innovative, and effective.  Below are five creative digital marketing ideas that can be used in any in...