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Trader Joe’s is Not Environmentally Friendly

stephzoo - January 17th, 2019    Views 90

climate change
I don’t want to have to slander everyone’s favorite grocery chain, but they ignored my diplomatic attempt to message them about it.   My roommate asked me to go to Trader Joe’s the other day, and I agreed for the sake of looking for miso, tahini, and other goods of the sort that I could not make by myself. While there, I found myself more and more bothered. &nbs...

Climate Restoration is Coming

stephzoo - January 17th, 2019    Views 77

climate change
Earth is warming up at an alarmingly increasing rate. Natural disasters are more frequent and destructive. The cause? A steady increase of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, agreed upon by scientists and politicians.   But fear not. The climate isn’t doomed, and neither are we. The extreme weather patterns make it undeniably clear that...

Food Equals Health

stephzoo - December 16th, 2018    Views 46

food | Health and Wellness | gut | microbiome
This connection seems lost on people nowadays. Processed foods, mass-produced meats, and refined sugars flood the markets. But when you pay attention to your body, the connection between food and health becomes undoubtedly clear. It’s all about the microbiome. These are the bacteria that live symbiotically in our stomach. We give them a home and feed them, and in turn, they...

Should I get a CBDa massage?

stephzoo - December 02nd, 2018    Views 63

Cannabis | Massage | Health and Wellness
Here’s a pop quiz: (1) Do you enjoy being pampered? (2) Do you like having stress literally pushed out of you with comforting, warm touch? (3) Do you want these effects to last longer and penetrate deeper into your muscles than a standard massage?   If you answered no to any of these, then you’re not in the right place. Otherwise, take a seat and get read...

California Fires: The Earth is Roaring, and We Need to Listen

stephzoo - December 02nd, 2018    Views 50

Sustainability | Culture | Fire
These fires are going to rage and ravage whether us meager humans try to resist it or not. Resistance has already been proven to be a failed method; fire suppression has lead to even greater amounts of brush being left to burn when the inevitable fire does ignite. Earth’s passionate flames are fiercer, more untamable, and hungrier than ever.But there are homes and lives at stake. What do we do?P...

Stop Telling Me What to Watch or Read or Listen to

stephzoo - November 08th, 2018    Views 54

Content | recommendations
As humans, our greatest resources are our time and energy. I appreciate getting suggestions that are curated to me, since my friends know what I might like. But with the amount of content out there, the influx of recommendations is getting a little overwhelming.   Nowadays, when people recommend me something, I ask them instead to tell me about ...

I Got Free Food from the Farmer's Market

stephzoo - November 08th, 2018    Views 35

food | Health and Wellness
Ah, farmer’s market. A lovely and quaint place. Soak up all the good and friendly vibes, both from the farmers coming to share the fruits of their labor and appreciators of fresh homemade food.  I want to share with you how I got free food and good deals at the farmer’s market. 1) Go an hour before closing. This is the most well known tip. ...

How I Finally Stopped Eating Processed Foods

stephzoo - November 08th, 2018    Views 27

food | Health and Wellness
I used to see a family-size bag of Doritos and would proceed to devour the whole bag in one sitting, hating myself as I kept reaching back for more. I would promise that each next chip would be the last. It wasn’t.   Now, when I see that same bag, I think, “Fake food!” It offers nothing nutritionally, and it will make me crave more the mome...

Marijuana Helped Me Take Back My Safe Space

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 28

Cannabis | marijuana | mental health | Safety | roommates
In times of sadness, marijuana helps lift me out of a funk.

My UTI Taught Me to Listen to My Body (Plus tips to fight yours)

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 25

Natural healing | life lessons | Mind | mindfulness | Mind and Body Medicine
Scroll to bottom for natural remedies and tips to combat your UTI

How to Save Money on Food

stephzoo - Updated: November 01st, 2018    Views 21

food | money | Frugal | no waste | COOKING
My tips and tricks.

Rebirth. Revive. Restore.

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 32

Happiness | Motivation | life lessons | job
August 2018 marked the beginning of the rest of my life. I quit my job.

Activation and Climate Change

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 29

climate change | life lessons | Motivation
Later is an excuse. Do things now. Become activated.

Appreciation Nation

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 24

Positivity | life lessons | Happiness | gratitude | Festivals
Positivity facilitates change. People are the most receptive when they are in positive, happy mindsets, surrounded by others with the same radiant energy.

Burning Woman

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 25

burning man | confidence | life lessons
As I watched the flames devour the figure of The Man on Saturday night, I felt something powerful invigorating me.

How to Practice Self-Care

stephzoo - November 01st, 2018    Views 31

self care | Self | confidence | Health and Wellness
What even is "self-care"?