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Freelancer tips and tricks: How to be more productive while working less

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: September 27th, 2018    Views 64

Productivity | Efficiency | Work Life Balance | Creativity | Strategy
We've all had thoughts about the perfectly productive working day and schedule. Get up early around 5 am, and be at the desk at 6 am ready to hit the ground running. With all the tools you need at the ready, your calendar and collaboration tools, plenty of coffee, and nothing but pure focus and productivity for the rest of the day. While this may be an optimal routine for a robot doing repetitive ...

How to add a world city and state search autocomplete field to your website

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: September 13th, 2018    Views 55

Geoname | Geolocation | Databases | World Cities | Location
This may seem like a trivial task in 2018, but finding geoname city data can become a headache even if you are willing to pay for it. Learn a simple way to quickly and easily obtain this data and integrate into an autocomplete field on your website.

Freelancer tips and tricks: The important differences between freelancing and co...

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: September 17th, 2018    Views 50

Gig Economy | Freelancing | consulting | Independent Contracting | Self Employment
What are the real differences between a freelancer, independent contractor, or consultant? It may seem confusing, but there are important differences that set these kinds of freelancers apart.

Freelancer tips and tricks: How to deal with payments directly

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 13th, 2018    Views 49

p2p payments | Payroll | Freelancing | Gig Economy | negotiating
Find out how to deal with direct payments without using an escrow system or accounting department. Sometimes it can help to know how to negotiate directly with the client, not only to make sure you get paid, but also to increase the amount you take home.

Why working from home is impossible

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 07th, 2018    Views 68

Freelancing | Gig Economy | side hustle | work from home | Work Life Balance
Working from home sounds like a no brainer but in reality is counterproductive and costly. Freelancers shouldn't have to learn this the hard way.

My Simple Early Retirement Strategy

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: April 09th, 2018    Views 50

Tax-free retirement | Retire | Startups | Business Development | saving
Early retirement can be a reality, and using a simple strategy if you're willing to make certain sacrifices and think outside the box.

How to make yourself more desirable and valuable as a freelancer

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 10th, 2018    Views 61

Freelancing | Gig Economy | Life Skills | Self Employment | Business Consultant
Increase your value as a freelancer by treating yourself like a business and focusing on a specific niche.

Top ten reasons why you should trash your cell phone

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 15th, 2018    Views 64

Productivity | cellphone | Social Media | healthy living | Time Management
The cell phone has become a part of our daily lives, but is it useful or even healthy?

The rise of the crypto poor millenials

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 27th, 2018    Views 111

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Bitcoin Cash | Crypto Currencies
Crypto poor is a term for people who have nearly all their assets tied up in crypto currencies, with little leftover for even basic necessities.

Crypto currencies unbanked

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 10th, 2018    Views 41

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Bitcoin Cash
Learn how to become unbanked using crypto currencies.

How to get paid directly in Bitcoin and Litecoin: The final frontier of crypto c...

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: March 09th, 2018    Views 58

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Gig Economy | Business Consultant
Get paid directly in Bitcoin and Litecoin using crypto consultations and get prepared for the new gig economy.

Why you should be mining Bitcoin and Litecoin at a loss

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: February 28th, 2018    Views 59

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies
Consider mining Bitcoin and Litecoin at a loss if you want to truly invest in the network.

Why Litepay is important for Litecoin and Bitcoin

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: February 28th, 2018    Views 48

Litecoin | Bitcoin | Crypto Currencies
Litepay will be an important addition to the Litecoin ecosystem and encourage other entrepreneurs to join in.

Why the Bitcoin "air drop" forks are a bad idea

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: February 25th, 2018    Views 60

Bitcoin | Crypto Currencies | Litecoin
The bitcoin "air drop" fork craze is simply an extension of the ico craze before it, just another fad and money grab. So get your "free" money while it lasts.

Why some smart people are using dumb phones

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: August 09th, 2018    Views 54

Productivity | cellphone | smartphones | Organization
Why are some business professionals ditching their smart phones? Maybe because it's keeping them more productive and focused rather than constantly distracted.

Trezor tips and tricks: Trezor and backup seed storage

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: September 17th, 2018    Views 69

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Bitcoin Wallet | Trezor
The Trezor is a very well made and secure device, but it's important to have layers of defense against theft or loss, instead of being lulled into a false sense of security. It's especially important to keep the backup seed safe and secure.

My experience using the Coinbase Shift Card with my Litecoin wallet

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: September 17th, 2018    Views 228

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Ethereum | Bitcoin Cash
The Coinbase shift card is great for Bitcoin users, but sadly is not well supported for other coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

How to actually make money fast

Nick Rodriguez - January 28th, 2018    Views 43

Gig Economy | budget | money | saving
With the rise of the gig economy, comes the promise of working remotely, being your own boss, or making money easy money in your spare time on the side.There are now various services and schemes such as fiverr and uber, that let you work whenever you want and earn money at your own pace, although most fall well short of expectations.But how likely is it to actually quickly make some money with the...

Is Bitcoin in a bubble? That depends on your perspective.

Nick Rodriguez - Updated: February 01st, 2018    Views 44

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Bubble
With Bitcoin back in the news again, but this time in a negative light, we're seeing mainstream talk of bubbles and tulip mania and even how Bitcoin might crash the economy if it goes down.So far Bitcoin and the crypto currency market in general has seen a large correction, or for mainstream investors this could be considered a crash, going down 50%-70% in a matter of weeks definitely fits the def...

How the 2018 Bitcoin tax changes can benefit Litecoin

Nick Rodriguez - January 18th, 2018    Views 48

Bitcoin | Litecoin | Crypto Currencies | Tax Strategy | taxes
With the recent tax reform bill came some significant changes in the way Bitcoin is taxed, especially for day traders using daily transactions on the exchanges and trading in and out of multiple coins. While it came as a shock to many, in reality all these changes have done is to codify existing rules so moving forward there will be less confusion and doubt about the way crypto-currencies are taxe...