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Is There Such Thing as Humane Wool?

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 51

Cruelty Free | humane | sheep | wool | animal welfare
Is it possible to enjoy wool fashion without supporting animal cruelty? Yes, if you make the effort to buy humane wool and wool products from ethical producers. Here I’ve put together some sources of humane wool to make cruelty-free living easier for you.Inhumane treatment of sheep in the wool industryMulesingSheep often endure cruel pain and suffering in traditional wool farms, which under...

Why I Support Humane Farming, Even as a Vegetarian

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 54

animal welfare | animal rights | Humane Farming | Animals | Farm Animals
Let me start by saying that I am very well aware that humane farming labels are sometimes misleading. Factory farms often label their products “humane” as a marketing ploy. Producers can use the term “humane” as they please, because sadly, it is not defined or regulated by the USDA. You can read more on that here.When I refer to humane farming I am definitely not referring ...


Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 69

Vegan | cruelty-free | animal welfare | animal rights
Finding vegan and cruelty-free products can be somewhat of a hassle. Often, we have to shop online or go out of our way to shop at a health store. Surprisingly, this is not the case with cruelty-free household cleaners. Many are available at your local supermarket or pharmacy.Are you looking for cruelty-free household disinfectants as well? Although you can somewhat disinfect your home surfaces wi...

10 Faux-Fur Brands proving that Compassion is Fashion

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 19th, 2017    Views 62

Vegan | Fashion | cruelty-free | Fur | Faux-Fur
It is difficult to understand why in the 21st century real animal fur is still a thing. With so many faux-fur brands and other cruelty-free fabric options available, there’s no reason why anyone should wear real fur.One of the excuses I often hear is that real animal fur provides the best protection from cruel winters. I have a one word reply to that: insulate. 50 million animals ...

Get Clear Skin Without Hurting Animals with These Cruelty-Free Acne Treatments

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 23rd, 2017    Views 90

Vegan | Acne | Skin Care | Cruelty Free
Finding cruelty-free acne treatments can be a difficult task. Most acne treatment brands are owned by household product, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical companies that test on animals where required by law.Popular drug store brands Neutrogena and Clean & Clear are owned by Johnson & Johnson, and Clearasil is owned by Reckitt Benckiser. Both companies are known to conduct animal testing if requ...

An Animal Friendly Guide to Cruelty-Free Hair Removal

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 18th, 2017    Views 146

You’ve dumped your old shampoo, body wash, and even your laundry soap for cruelty-free alternatives. But have you paid any mind to your hair removal routine? Hair removal products are often overlooked when making the switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle, but nonetheless, the industry is not a very animal-friendly one.Razors are not tested on animals, but the lubricating strip can contain anim...

How to Care for Your Eyes, the Cruelty-Free Way

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 19th, 2017    Views 202

cruelty-free | eye care | contact lenses
Most people are shocked to find out that contacts are tested on animals, mainly rabbits. I was shocked too. I always knew that my contact solution was tested on animals, but I never even thought about my contacts.The fact is that all contact lens brands sold in the US are tested on animals, and so are the contact solutions. All of these brands are owned by a handful of companies. Here’s a l...

Fish: The Forgotten Animal in the Fight for Animal Welfare

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 20th, 2017    Views 65

sea food | humane | sustainable | fish | sea life
When people think about animal welfare and animal rights, usually what comes to mind are land animals in factory farms. Yet, marine life accounts for the largest portion of animals killed each year for food. In 2009, an estimated 51 billion sea animals were killed for food, compared to 8.27 billion land animals.The 51 billion does not include the number of sea animals killed in the process of...

Animal Testing in the Pet Food Industry: Which Brands Can You Trust?

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 18th, 2018    Views 1898

pet food | Animals | animal testing | cruelty-free
A brief lesson on animal testing in the pet food industry, as well as a list of pet food brands that do and do NOT test on animals.

The Real Meaning Behind 'Humane' Meat Labels

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 24th, 2017    Views 48

meat | humane | food labels
If you’re one of many animal welfare conscious shoppers, you probably try your best to buy meat from responsible sources. But you probably feel a little overwhelmed by the number of marketing claims in meat packaging. Should you buy the “humanely raised” chicken? Or should you go with the “stress free” chicken? Shouldn’t “humanely raised” chicken b...

Hidden Animal Ingredients in Common 'Vegetarian Friendly' Foods

Tammy@GFV - Updated: September 24th, 2017    Views 60

vegetarian | vegetarian food
As if being vegetarian is not hard enough, we must also keep an open eye for animal products in foods that we’re allowed to eat.Vegetarian friendly foods like cheese, beans, and more can have animal by-product hidden in the ingredients label. Find out which ingredients to lookout for.Gelatin in dairy, candies, and dessertsBefore you read the rest of this section, I’d like to apo...